Book Reviews

Donna Stramella, author of Coffee Killed My Mother, reviewed my novella, Ransoms Are For Amateurs There’s nothing ordinary about James White’s novella, Ransoms Are For Amateurs. Actually, the unexpected reveals to both the reader and the characters alike. Clearly, the title suggested a kidnapping, but everything else about the book was unexpected. The kidnapper, policeContinue reading “Book Reviews”

A Journey of discovery, one cup at a time

Coffee Killed My Mother opens with a dream. Author Donna Stramella uses first person to introduce us to the story’s main character, Anna Lee, leading us through a young girl’s nightmare of abandonment and despair. Or was it a dream? Building from a dramatic opening, Stramella takes us on a coming-of-age story wrapped around aContinue reading “A Journey of discovery, one cup at a time”

Telling Sonny Is A Tale Of Romance, Adventure and History

Author Elizabeth Gauffreau resurrects the forgotten childhood fantasy of running away to join the circus with a twist in her novel, Telling Sonny. Set in America’s idyllic early 20th century, a time of outwardly polite courtesies and thoughtfulness, Telling Sonny follows a young girl’s tragic fall from respectability to a life of white-knuckled survival amongContinue reading “Telling Sonny Is A Tale Of Romance, Adventure and History”