Dementia House

Are you tired of old age? Has the novelty worn off? Do you want to return to those happy days of your childhood?

Fortunately, the path that leads back to your youth is easy to find. It’s steps away from wherever you are, at a wonderful place without walls or doors called Dementia House.

Everyone is welcome at Dementia House, there are no initiation fees or monthly dues. Escape the strains of decrepitude without obligation. DH is a non-profit, equal opportunity resource that is personalized to your special desires and will never turn you away.

Join the millions of happy life members who have found serenity at Dementia House. All it takes is to follow three simple guidelines with all your heart and what’s left of your mind: renounce responsibility, forget obligations, and let go of all associations.

Imagine the joy of reliving your past for the rest of your days! At Dementia House the past is just the beginning.

No one will stop you from joining Dementia House. You will not experience any regret. And once you are there, no one can force you to return to the pains and embarrassments of old age.

Published by James W. White

fiction writer

4 thoughts on “Dementia House

  1. Made me think of ageing. In his nineties, 94-year old George Bernard Shaw said on his final day to the nurse, “Sister, you’re trying to keep me alive as an old curiosity, but I’m done, I’m finished, I’m going to die.”


  2. Jim, please remove me from the list to which you send out things like this. I do appreciate reading everything’s cool especially Benicia Literary Arts announcements. I’m sure you understand. It’s painful.

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  3. Hi James,

    I am not able to make it out, if you have written the article sarcastically or seriously. But I am scared of aging now after reading this 😄


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